Other Services

Cuidar e Viver offers yet another series of services.

Meet our other services

Informal Caregiver Scholarship

Provide a professional who will care for a patient for a certain time, at the request of the patient or family member.

  • Day and/or night monitoring;
  • Follow-up for healthcare/appointments;
  • hygiene care.

Adaptation of households to architectural barriers

Home visit to detect possible architectural barriers or risk factors for falls.

Submit a proposal for adapting the home to people with mobility disabilities or risk of falling.

Own equipment and software

Provides equipment to the customer:

  • Make your own monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, temperature, etc.;
  • Create a list of usual medication with the respective dosage;
  • schedule appointments;
  • Other equipment available on request.

Transport of patients to the various health appointments (with or without a companion)


Mobile solution, capable of immediate response in emergency/urgency situations, through a simple push of a button by the user, in addition to transmitting other data collected by users’ watches.


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